Labor Day Loot

This past weekend, though quite busy, I found time on Monday to visit my favorite Goodwill in Maple Valley, where I can always score things I like.

I have a lot of items to write about that I acquired over the summer.  In addition to working and school, I did manage to get out to various estate and garage sales nearly every week; but now that summer is winding down, garage sales may wane but then there’s always church rummage sales to look forward to and the continuity of estate sales year-round.

Today I shared my three-month look ahead with Bestie-R and for the month of September I’m already booked.  This week I’m mid-quarter in my corporate finance class and by the time I survive the busy-ness of this month, the quarter will be wrapping up.  I also registered for my third class, which starts Oct 20, Intl Business Administration; I’m really excited, my professor is from Finland.  It will be great to literally have the international perspective from my European professor for this coures.  I Googled each of the four possible professors and chose her.  Something tells me it will be a demand course, but I love a challenge…and besides, by mid to late October it will be raining non-stop so plenty of reason to stay in and read case studies.

Now, back to the task at hand – sharing my loot from this past Monday.  I can’t wait until the weather shifts a bit cooler, and then I’ll be able to style my “new” sweaters with a black dress (for the Sangria colored vest) and black shell, leggings, and boots with the moss cardigan.

One of these days I’ll photograph my Sandra Lee collection and finally make something!  (I just never think of it as I’m always on the go and really have been opting for ready made lately.)  My plan for the shams is to get twin size feather pillows and get an avocado green quilt or throw for autumn; the daisy print fabric will be saved for Spring 2015.

I have two projects that I started two and one week ago; I will share them soon as I anticipate finishing them this weekend.

Now, without further ado…

Labor Day Loot 09 01 14

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