Saturday’s one day road trip.

The weekend’s splendid forecast was the catalyst for a mini one-day road trip to the Purdy Beach Spit park, located in Gig Harbor, WA.  With a picnic lunch purchased at the market, and a short drive over the Narrow’s bridge, we came upon our destination.

Purdy Spit Beach Park PurdySpit2 PurdySpit3

It was the perfect day to spend beach combing and as a repository for oyster shells, collecting! I managed to gather a bunch, which I’ll write about in a future post. The beach was very rocky but my Teva’s didn’t seem to mind.

The beach, the water, the view, the sunshine, the breeze, and this beautiful starfish …

Purdy Starfish

Purdy Starfish

were a perfect respite from the busy week past. Work, and school (all that number crunching, data analysis, and statistics that comprise much of my life this quarter.)

A day trip to the beach is not complete without a picnic lunch.

Caprese Skewer


and …

My yummy sandwich slider comprised of a Macrina Bakery herb roll, Fromage D’affinoise (French Brie), chorizo, and cornicions.

yeah, I know this is quite the combination, and hopefully not too much of a sacrilege to the French Brie, but I just cannot help myself from putting together several favorites into one bite!

After the picnic, we headed back home, via the Ferry. While waiting for the Ferry, we came across this cute and tiny tugboat, in dire need of a make-over. Wouldn’t this just be the cutest “tiny-house” live-a-board boathouse? Alternatively, I think it would make a really cute latte stand too!


Finally, after all was said and done for the day, we put on the finishing touches with a glass of vino.

A red moscato. I had to try it ... and I liked it!

A red moscato. I had to try it … and I liked it!



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