Groupon Goodies, Part II

So, after about a month of graze snacks, Groupon offered another convenient meal on the go option with Go Picnic. I have seen Go Picnic in the travel stores at airports, and I know Target sells them. Last summer when I made a quick trip with friends to San Diego, I purchased two Go Picnics to have in my bag, just in case…because when you are traveling with friends, sometimes you want to eat and your friends (who have the car) may not. It is at those times when Go Picnic will come in handy. Go Picnic is also an excellent option to keep in your car, for whatever reason — stuck in traffic, driving to the the gym after work, or even for a spontaneous picnic along the coast. Getting back to the point of Groupon, when I saw their recent promotion, I knew that I would have to indulge in a box of picnic stock. Here’s the assortment I ordered (there were many more options than what I opted for.) I will grab these on-the-go meals when I know that I have errands to run, flight to catch, busy day ahead and wont have time to pack a lunch, let alone stop for a break to buy one.

P.S. I am not sponsored by Go Picnic, (or Groupon) I just wanted to share my purchase. Enjoy.

Go Picnic Assortment. The individual snack crackers came in a bag of 10.

Go Picnic Assortment. The individual snack crackers came in a bag of 10.



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