A long time away …

I love to read blogs and have done so for years. Obviously a few years ago I thought I could do it as well. Some things are easier said than done as I soon discovered. As you can see, I have been dormant for over a year and prior to that very sporadic in my posts. As they say, (whoever they are) “the third time’s a charm” so with that in mind, I want to pick up where I left off and resume blogging.

Over the past year-plus, I did not forget about the blog I thought of it frequently and that many of my experiences and adventures being blog-worthy but I just did not take any action in sitting down and making a record of the experience or adventure. Now I want to change that. From today on, I hope to submit at least one post per week. Going from one posts every month or two or 12, I think one post per week is an admirable goal, given that I am already juggling a few other milestones in my life. In addition to my 40+ hour per week corporate job, I am working my way through an MBA, which … well, whatever education one is seeking, is very time consuming. Just off in the distance, a.k.a. October 2016, will be graduation. I am also earning a certificate in Leadership and working on a Lean certification. Despite my busy work-school schedule, I try to manage to have a wee bit of personal “me-time” each and every week. It is via this me-time that I would like to provide content for this blog with the purpose of keeping friends, family and anyone else up to date with life in the West Valley. Thank you for your time and look forward to nurturing West Valley Girl into a healthy and viable blog.

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