Secret Shopping

My Victoria Secret haul of this past weekend: I saw this sampler gift-package of all of the fragrances earlier in the week on sale, and by Saturday, they were half-price. I picked one up for myself and a friend as we both love fragrance. I’m not sure if these are spray or rollerball, which I actually prefer, but I love that they are small in size, because honestly, I have never used up a whole entire bottle of fragrance, I have always moved on to the next scent. I like variety and to be able to change up my fragrance on a daily basis…this sampler pack is perfect for me. I also fell in love, love, love with all of their sequined cosmetic bags with more goodies inside. Unfortunately, even though they were 65% off, I couldn’t justify buying one in each color so I opted for the gold pouch which contained the Heavenly scent. I am actually looking forward to wearing a new fragrance to work every day for the next two weeks.DSCF0138


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