A New Year

I’m picking up the baton on this blog again. This time around, I am taking a class on the particulars of this blogging platform. When I last blogged, I was stuck on some behind the scenes issues that I didn’t have the time to figure out on my own to resolve. I was also quite busy with my career-job and working on my MBA, which thankfully I completed a year ago. Now, fully recovered from hours upon hours of homework, I’m back online taking a class, this time, something fun and quite relevant to what I am hoping to do here – and that is the intricacies of WordPress; thus far, (less than a week), I am happy to say I have learned enough to resume this activity.

This weekend I am planning a mini-road trip and will share the adventure here. I am planning to visit a location I have never been to before but I have heard a lot about; I’m leaving work around noon, the drive is about 4 hours. I anticipate the scenery will be nice and I will be sure to follow-up with more specific details as the adventure unfolds.