Saturday’s one day road trip.

The weekend’s splendid forecast was the catalyst for a mini one-day road trip to the Purdy Beach Spit park, located in Gig Harbor, WA.  With a picnic lunch purchased at the market, and a short drive over the Narrow’s bridge, we came upon our destination.

Purdy Spit Beach Park PurdySpit2 PurdySpit3

It was the perfect day to spend beach combing and as a repository for oyster shells, collecting! I managed to gather a bunch, which I’ll write about in a future post. The beach was very rocky but my Teva’s didn’t seem to mind.

The beach, the water, the view, the sunshine, the breeze, and this beautiful starfish …

Purdy Starfish

Purdy Starfish

were a perfect respite from the busy week past. Work, and school (all that number crunching, data analysis, and statistics that comprise much of my life this quarter.)

A day trip to the beach is not complete without a picnic lunch.

Caprese Skewer


and …

My yummy sandwich slider comprised of a Macrina Bakery herb roll, Fromage D’affinoise (French Brie), chorizo, and cornicions.

yeah, I know this is quite the combination, and hopefully not too much of a sacrilege to the French Brie, but I just cannot help myself from putting together several favorites into one bite!

After the picnic, we headed back home, via the Ferry. While waiting for the Ferry, we came across this cute and tiny tugboat, in dire need of a make-over. Wouldn’t this just be the cutest “tiny-house” live-a-board boathouse? Alternatively, I think it would make a really cute latte stand too!


Finally, after all was said and done for the day, we put on the finishing touches with a glass of vino.

A red moscato. I had to try it ... and I liked it!

A red moscato. I had to try it … and I liked it!



Groupon Goodies, Part II

So, after about a month of graze snacks, Groupon offered another convenient meal on the go option with Go Picnic. I have seen Go Picnic in the travel stores at airports, and I know Target sells them. Last summer when I made a quick trip with friends to San Diego, I purchased two Go Picnics to have in my bag, just in case…because when you are traveling with friends, sometimes you want to eat and your friends (who have the car) may not. It is at those times when Go Picnic will come in handy. Go Picnic is also an excellent option to keep in your car, for whatever reason — stuck in traffic, driving to the the gym after work, or even for a spontaneous picnic along the coast. Getting back to the point of Groupon, when I saw their recent promotion, I knew that I would have to indulge in a box of picnic stock. Here’s the assortment I ordered (there were many more options than what I opted for.) I will grab these on-the-go meals when I know that I have errands to run, flight to catch, busy day ahead and wont have time to pack a lunch, let alone stop for a break to buy one.

P.S. I am not sponsored by Go Picnic, (or Groupon) I just wanted to share my purchase. Enjoy.

Go Picnic Assortment. The individual snack crackers came in a bag of 10.

Go Picnic Assortment. The individual snack crackers came in a bag of 10.


Groupon Goodies

I recently purchased two Groupons, the first was a weekly “snack” pack service from a company called graze. I believe they are located in New Jersey. Each week, a package of 8 individual servings of snacks arrive in a little box. Perfectly proportioned, perfectly convenient, and perfectly snack-worthy. There are hundreds of snacks and a different assortment arrives every week. When I first place my order, there was an extensive list of “likes” and “do not likes” to select. I “liked” everything, except dehydrated bananas. There are sweet, savory, cheesy, spicy, selections and each delivery includes a snack with a “dip” type item. Some weeks pepper jelly, other weeks raspberry jam, and this week, chocolate with pretzels. I have a friend who says she never has time to eat during the workday because she is running from meeting to meeting and doesn’t even have time to grab a snack. I think graze would be perfect for her. I may have to get her a gift-certificate to make that happen, perhaps surprise her with a one or two month of delivery. If you’re busy and strapped for time graze is definitely worth considering. Enjoy.

P.S. I am NOT sponsored by graze, I just think it’s a great concept and wanted to share my thoughts and their link.


A nice variety of snack options, 8 snacks to a pack

A nice variety of snack options, 8 snacks to a pack

The nutritional insert includes ideas for protein packed meal options that use a graze snack pack.

The nutritional insert includes ideas for protein packed meal options that use a graze snack pack.

A long time away …

I love to read blogs and have done so for years. Obviously a few years ago I thought I could do it as well. Some things are easier said than done as I soon discovered. As you can see, I have been dormant for over a year and prior to that very sporadic in my posts. As they say, (whoever they are) “the third time’s a charm” so with that in mind, I want to pick up where I left off and resume blogging.

Over the past year-plus, I did not forget about the blog I thought of it frequently and that many of my experiences and adventures being blog-worthy but I just did not take any action in sitting down and making a record of the experience or adventure. Now I want to change that. From today on, I hope to submit at least one post per week. Going from one posts every month or two or 12, I think one post per week is an admirable goal, given that I am already juggling a few other milestones in my life. In addition to my 40+ hour per week corporate job, I am working my way through an MBA, which … well, whatever education one is seeking, is very time consuming. Just off in the distance, a.k.a. October 2016, will be graduation. I am also earning a certificate in Leadership and working on a Lean certification. Despite my busy work-school schedule, I try to manage to have a wee bit of personal “me-time” each and every week. It is via this me-time that I would like to provide content for this blog with the purpose of keeping friends, family and anyone else up to date with life in the West Valley. Thank you for your time and look forward to nurturing West Valley Girl into a healthy and viable blog.