Goodwill Bargain Bins

Yesterday was a perfect Saturday – an early morning (and I mean early, like, 8AM) breakfast at Lowell’s in the Market, and afterward a meander through the various stalls and shops with a sample and purchase of a most delectable red pear, pomegranate and pastry. After the market, a quick stop into Whole Foods at Denny & Westlake for Bavarian Blue (cheese) and a few delicacies to accompany a cheese plate tea luncheon, I would later enjoy (Sunday afternoon) with my fitness BFF.

However, after my Saturday in Seattle, on the way home to the West Valley, I stopped in at the Goodwill Outlet simply because after a summer of estate sale-ing, garage sale-ing, thrift shopping and the like, I felt well-seasoned for the rigors of bin-burrowing at the Goodwill Outlet. With a budget of just $10, here’s what I managed to squeeze from that ten dollar bill (actually, $10.01):

Cute Santa bowl, but I think it’s missing a lid; angles; gingerbread boy and girl S&P set; vintage cookie cutters; and (below) cute little Santa figurine and ornament. SoHoHo cute!

IMG_0004 IMG_0005

To keep my neck warm and dry during the winter months (my ultimate pet peeve is rain on my neck!) two scarves–a green/brown/turquoise/beige chevron chenille; and the lime green fuzzy style.


I had to get the hand-made crocheted hippy-esque (Bohemian) shoulder bag and accompanying draw string pouch. I just couldn’t see them abandoned in that bin. Too much love went into making those purses and I know I will use them if I ever go to Northwest Folklife again.


I love baseball, so I had to have this baseball CD holder. I still live in the last century and listen to CDs. I got the little pencil pouch with skulls because I’ll probably consign at the funky consignment shop in Tacoma  – yes, there is such a place.  The vintagey pot holder would look great in a re-styled, retro airstream, but until I have one of those…


I am enthralled with the intricacies of the stitches on this pot holder. Take a look…





Finally a few belts. I do not wear belts. I like loose clothing. However, I know other people wear them and I plan to consign the wide belt; the other black belt is leather, which will also be consigned. The quirky, kitchy belt (in the middle, not quite sure what I’ll do with that, but I liked it.)


This tan-brown faux leather purse is in very good condition, and it was a shame that it landed in a bin! It is a Tignanello, though I’m not sure when it came out.


And finally, a straw hat. I love it, it looks pretty good on me so I will definitely keep it for myself for spring and summer garage sale-ing and farmers’ marketing and ideally, sunbathing at a tropical all-inclusive, spring break, next year. (A girl can dream, non?)



And speaking of Spring, this cute and sweet little bunny stuffed toy. He was in excellent condition, soft and sweet and I decided my inner child needed him.


I had a lot of fun at the bargain bins and can’t wait to return on another rainy Saturday.


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